Saturday, August 13, 2016

Car Repair with Kids

So you have a car full of kids and your minivan decides to overheat on the hottest day of the year, on your way to the pool? Ah, yes. We've been there before. Take a deep breathe. This too shall pass.  In the meantime you need to get your mom mobile straight to a certified mechanic for repair. As a mechanic and a mom of three kids under the age of seven, I'm here to help! In my series, Breaking Down, I take a closer look at how to survive the auto repair shop when you have your little ones in tow.  In Mountain View California the best mechanic shop we have found is A-1 Auto Tech Inc 89 Pioneer Way Ste B Mountain View, CA, 94041 (650) 903-7305. They are an AAA Aproved Auto Repair Facility.  They are also very understanding when you have kids.  Okay, let's get started.

Snacks, Snacks and more Snacks

Yep. You see where I'm going with this: pack your diaper bag full of snacks before you even step foot inside a certified auto repair in Mountain View, California.  We know car repairs are often unexpected, so if you don't have a Costco sized box of goldfish on standby, take advantage of the fresh and hot buttered pop corn at the auto repair shop.  Trust us, the popcorn rivals that of any movie theater in the region.  You may ask your certified mechanic for a to go bag.  I've  filled up many popcorn to-go bags, just to help another mom ward off a mini -toddler tantrum. 


As a certified auto repair mechanic, I often encourage children to be active. However, when you're getting your car repaired and your sitting in a waiting room, the last thing you want is your three year old playing hide and seek in the Micheline tires.  I've seen one two many kids get seriously injured from a tower of tires falling over.  In fact, a little boy broke his arm last week in a tire mishap.  Anyway, I digress.  My point is bring your tablet, phone or portable DVD player for movie time in the waiting room.  And let your kids pick out feature presentation.  By allowing your children a choice in their movie selection, you will most certainly avoid an epic meltdown in front of your certified mechanic. 



Okay. So if you're kids aren't into movies, pull out a few of their least favorite games and toys. This trick is only to be used a last resort while your waiting at your local auto repair shop in Mountain View, California.  We only recommend the toy trick if you're certified mechanic is going to take more than two hours to repair your vehicle.  Auto repair shops by nature are dirty, greasy and full of germs.  As a certified mechanic, I personally take great pride in keeping my auto repair shop in tip top shape.  However, before I opened my own business, I worked in some pretty sketchy places.  The last thing you need is a rogue binkie, blankie or bob the builder falling on the ground or furniture.  Eeek.  Trust me.  Leave the favorite toys at home. This way if they fall on the ground you can chuck them straight into the garbage.

Stay in the Vehicle

As a courtesy to parents everywhere, my auto repair shop in Mountain View, California allows parents and their children to stay in their car while a certified mechanic makes the necessary repairs.  This amenity alone has boosted business by 50% and it keeps parents and kids happy.  If you're not in an emergency situation with your car, call around to various auto repair companies to see if they offer the stay in the vehicle service.  If your certified auto mechanic does not provide that service, please ask if you can stay in your car anyway.  I can't think  of a better way to spend nap time than at the auto repair shop.  By staying in your car while it's being serviced by a certified auto mechanic, your kids can stay strapped in their car seats. And you can pay bills, call your mom or take a nap yourself.  Now, that is multi-tasking at its finest.

Taking your kids to the auto repair shop is a daunting task,but if you're prepared it can actually be an enjoyable experience.  If you've tried all our suggestions and still find it difficult to take your children to your auto repair store, just drop off your car and call a taxi.  Some certified mechanics will even provide free movie tickets to families waiting for car repairs.